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Ryan Fine

Ryan Fine is a Singer Songwriter, born and raised right in the heart of Cincinnati, and the Lead Singer and Co-Founder of Ryan Fine & The Media, and is known for his quick wit and infectious smile. Ryan writes all of the music for the band saying, "It's beautiful how my best friends want to help me have a voice. The Media gives me a chance to be credible, listened to, and recognized. It's not just me giving a message, it's ten people working together rocking out an emotion."

Ryan is currently studying Commercial Music Production at the University of Cincinnati. 

Aaron Todahl

The epitome of a good guy, Aaron Todahl joined Ryan Fine & The Media in late 2015 filling in the vacant trumpet spot. From West Chester Ohio, you are sure to find Aaron transcribing his new favorite solo, and working hard on arranging with The Media. Aaron is currently pursuing a Bacheor's in Music Education with a Specialization in Jazz at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music. 

Doug Sutton

Doug Sutton is a percussionist and a graduate of the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance and currently resides in Cincinnati where he grew up. A familiar face around UC, Doug works for the conservatory accompanying both the major and non-major modern dance classes, and can also often be spotted busking the downtown streets of Cincinnati. Fusing effortlessly with drummer John Bostwick on the kit, his contributions to the group over a series of gigs has landed him on stage as a member of Ryan Fine & The Media.

Will Huber

Will Huber is a Guitar Player, born in Cincinnati and relocated to Northern Kentucky when he was 10. In his early teens, he obtained a magnetic interest towards So-Cal Rock, Folkrock of the 60s, 70s, and beyond. Artists like Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Bob Dylan, Augustana, John Mayer, and Bruce Springsteen have driven his interest out of the cold beginnings of guitar playing, to learning new skills everyday with the great artists in The Media.

Will is currently pursuing a degree in E-Media at the University of Cincinnati.

Kyle Kidwell

Kyle Kidwell, The Media's resident bad boy and 2nd half of the saxophone section, hails from Sugartit Kentucky. Kyle is currently working on a music education degree from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis in classical saxophone. 

Curtis Holtgrefe

Curtis Holtgrefe is one half of the woodwind section that makes up The Media's saxophone section. Curtis was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, where he started playing not just saxophone but a myriad of woodwind instruments. Curtis is currently studying Music Education at the University of Cincinnati, with an emphasis on classical saxophone performance. 

James Tillman

James Tillman is 1 of 2 of the brass musicians that make up the trumpet section for The Media, as well as co-founder of the band. Born in Cincinnati and raised in Arvada Colorado, and inspired by the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, AC/DC, and countless Now Thats What I Call Music CD's you can find James mixing and mastering all of RF&TM's sessions.  

James is currently receiving a Jazz Studies from the University of Cincinnati. 

"Jonn" Bostwick

Jonn Bostwick, The Media's very own metronome, is the drummer for The Media. Hailing from Dayton Ohio, Jonn grew up playing drums every weekend for local, and sometimes not so local, churches. He developed a deep love of Gospel Music and Christian Contemporary Rock, and eventually fostering a love for all things Jazz. Jonn can be found most weekends at Carver's in Dayton Ohio, or on the road with touring bands like Anthem Lights.

Jonn Bostwick is currently in Nashville touring and performing with several different groups.


Noah Simionides

Noah Simionides is a Bass player, born and raised in the great Ohio north. His hometown Canton, fostered a deep love for Blues and Mo-Town playing in Noah's life and playing style. Working both in Cincinnati, and Nashville Noah is the dynamic and funky low end that holds The Media together.


Noah is currently studying Bass as a Jazz Studies Major at the University of Cincinnati.

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